What to do when a split-second is all you have.

Helicopter Upset Recognition & Recovery Training will teach you how to react to sudden and unexpected IMC conditions.


An instant is often all a helicopter pilot has to determine a life or death outcome.

In this Helicopter Upset Recognition and Recovery Training you’ll learn life preserving techniques and gain the hands-on experience you need to implement them, when confronted with a sudden loss of visual cues of the ground. Crafted by top helicopter pilots with thousands of flight and flight test hours, this comprehensive course will give you the knowledge, skills, experience and self-confidence you need to stay safely in the air when the unexpected strikes.


Over Chuck Aaron’s 40+ year career as a helicopter pilot, and as a helicopter experimental test pilot he has received many commendations and awards for his flight test and aerobatic work along with his advocacy for the advancement of the helicopter aviation field. Throughout his career he has worked to share his unique knowledge and experience, a great deal of which he received from his father Col. Tex Aaron, and pass on his record of exceptional safety and passion for pushing the limits of the flight envelope to the next generation of pilots.

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